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Our business has been in the market for 58 years, and we have grown and developed along the way by your side to ensure ongoing operations in the Argentine market. Soychú is much more than a family business....

At Soychú, we stand out for our chicken feet exports to China since 2002 from the plant based in Gualeguay, Entre Rios. In addition, we recently got approval from Chinese authorities at our plant located in the city of Salto, Buenos Aires. This is how we managed, at both facilities, to produce and load products in refrigerated containers ready to be exported year round....

Our branch is based at the Pueyrredón district, in the city of Cordoba. The grand opening took place in 2018. Now, we have around 200 customers including supermarkets, distributors, retailers and wholesalers....


Debido a la utilización de la imágen y derechos comerciales de Soychú por parte de terceros no autorizados comunicamos a nuestros clientes y proveedores que esta es la única pagina web oficial y único dominio (@soychu.com.ar) de la empresa.


Due to the use of the image and commercial rights of Soychú by unauthorized third parties, we inform our clients and suppliers that this is the only official website and only domain (@soychu.com.ar) of the company.

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