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At Soychú, we are proud of being an Argentine company that has grown, developed, innovated and led the poultry sector for over 50 years.

We started as a family business in 1962 in Gualeguay, Entre Ríos. At the beginning, we were engaged in live poultry purchase, slaughter, sale and distribution in the city of Buenos Aires and in Greater Buenos Aires. We had built a small plant in a leased property and owned our manufacturing machinery.

In 1968, with the aim of integrating our production processes, we opened our first poultry raising farm: La Pionera. It was just the first of our many facilities of our own. Today, we own slaughter houses, hatcheries, balanced feed plants and breeder chicken facilities. At the same time, we contribute to sustainability by using our production surplus to manufacture flour and oil.

Our on-going goal at Soychú has always been to continue growing and to increase our capacities. Throughout time, Soychú has become an overall business chain, where we control the quality of our final products in full as well as the relationships with all stakeholders.

We started as a small family business. Today, we can proudly say that we are one of the largest poultry processing companies in Argentina aiming at international markets.


Years of history


Export Destinations


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Domingo Santangelo y Cía, a company of the Santangelo Family, was first organized. It later became “Peladero de Aves Soychú”.

We opened our first bird breeding farm: “La Pionera”.

We opened our first slaughter house and we turned into a corporation: “Frigorífico De Aves Soychú S.A.I.C.F.I.A.“

We increased our business relationships with nearby farmers by incorporating them into the poultry breeding process.

We installed our first Hatchery Plant.

We opened our balanced feed plant and the chicken breeder facilities “Arroyo Cle”, to feed our hatchery plant.

 Lauri S.A., a chicken breeder business, started operations.

We focused on expanding Soychú´s business growth and started to sell our products to top supermarket chains and in every region of Argentina, through new distributors and branches. We also started to export poultry products and byproducts.

“New Gen Breeders S.A.”, a business engaged in grandparent stock raising for our own supply and to sell to third parties.

We opened a new slaughterhouse in Salto, province of Buenos Aires.

We opened a further balanced feed plant in Arrecifes, province of Buenos Aires.

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